Lukashenka cannot control Makey RIA Novosti observer claims

A state agency RIA Novosti observer, Irina Alksnis, has stated on the YouTube channel “PolitWera” that the “anti-Russian motives” in the policy of Minsk can lead Alyaksandr Lukashenka “to The Hague”.

Commenting on the current Belarusian-Russian diplomatic scandal, Alksnis noted that Ambassador Mikhail Babich is a technical figure and simply implements the policy towards Belarus chosen by the Kremlin. On the other hand, the observer believes that Uladzimir Makey allegedly deliberately formulated the answer to Babich in an insulting form, contrary to the position of Lukashenka.

“Lukashenka let into the key ministry a man whom he cannot control, who causes serious harm to the Belarusian state, who conducts sabotage activities. But at the same time, Lukashenka cannot do anything with this person,” she said.

Alksnis argues that lately “anti-Russian motives” in the policy of Minsk have intensified, and this trend threatens Lukashenka.

“I am surprised at Lukashenka’s short-sightedness. Even if this policy is successful, if he succeeds in shifting public sentiment in Belarus to anti-Russian and pro-Western, then this will be dangerous for him. As a result, he will be left alone with a well-prepared pro-Western political elite that will destroy him. But, unlike Yanukovych, he will have nowhere to go. It is clear that Russia in such a situation will deny him a shelter,” she said.

The observer says that the “last dictator of Europe” in this case can end up in the Hague Tribunal.

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