Lukashenka approves staff reshuffle in KGB, Ministry of Interior

Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka has initiated personnel changes in security and law enforcement agencies.

New first deputy heads of the Belarusian State Security Committee (KGB) and the Ministry of Interior have been appointed. Syarhei Terebau, previously Head of Homiel region department of the State Security Committee, has been promoted to the position of the first deputy chairman of the KGB. In turn, Alyaksandr Melnikau, who served as Internal Security Directorate Head, took over his job in Homiel.

Henadz Kazakevich has been appointed First Deputy Interior Minister, Head of Criminal Police. He previously worked as the head of the Central Office for Drug Control and Counteraction of Human Trafficking of the criminal police branch of the ministry., following BelTA