Lukashenka appoints chief ideologist

On August 19, Andrei Kuntsevich was appointed deputy head of the Presidential Administration. He will now oversee the state ideology and media in Belarus. Prior to that, he worked in the Mahiliou Regional Executive Committee.

Kuntsevich has a journalistic background. He graduated from the Dchool of Journalism of the BSU in 2002 and worked in the district newspaper “Zara nad Drutsyu” in Bialynichy. Then he studied at the Academy of Management and occupied a position in the Shklou District Executive Committee. From 2011 to 2013 he was head of the ideological work at the Mahiliou Regional Executive Committee. For the next three years Kuntsevich held the post of Deputy Chairman of Mahiliou City Executive Committee.

In 2017, he returned to the regional administration as Deputy Chairman. Appointment to the Presidential Administration is a significant achievement for the 40-year-old official.

“We should not hide from the pressing issues that concern our people but jointly look for ways to solve them using any relevant channels for feedback. This is, perhaps, the main task of the ideological vertical of power today,” BelTA quoted Kuntsevich as saying.

According to the official, “ideological work has always been relevant” and in demand “not only by the authorities, but also by people”.

Appointing Kuntsevich, Lukashenka explained what he should focus on.

“I must note that things happen fast. There’s no time to lose, because the election campaign is also a great piece of the ideological work. And you will have to deal primarily with a whole structure of ideological work, ranging from journalism to, frankly speaking, lectures at universities.

This is the weakest point of our civil servants — meeting with young people, telling them about the policy pursued in the state. Because our young people, those who are online, will not always read about this policy. And if they do, what they read is upside down,” said the head of state.

“The Internet will also be a sphere of your responsibility to some extent. And not from the point of view of closing everything down and banning it. But you will need to explain the position of the authorities, the position of the president,” added Lukashenka.

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