Lukashenka announces ‘tough punishment’ for loss of cattle

Those responsible for a massive loss of cattle at Belarusian collective farms will be punished in the harshest possible way, president Alyaksandr Lukashenka said during Friday’s working trip to Staryia Darohi.

By the end of the year, the loss of cattle will have been checked up on in every region, the Belarusian leader warned.

“What for do we plough the soil, produce fodder – for dead cows, bulls and calves? No one needs that. This is blatant mismanagement, a true crime. There will be tough punishment for the massive loss of cattle,” state-run news agency BelTA quotes Lukashenka.

Last year, 19,600 cattle and 102,800 swine were slaughtered in Minsk region, presidential aide Alyaksandr Kosinets stated. According to him, the loss of cattle equalled to 10,400, the loss of pigs reached 59,600 in H1 2019, i.e.the cattle death toll went up 17%, that of pigs – by 24%.

In turn, Anatol Isachenka, Chairman of minsk regional executive committee, stressed that the loss of cattle in the region had not grown, but fallen in the region. The variation stems from the fact that persons in charge do not misrepresent statistical data anymore, he claims.

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