Long-awaited meeting: Nadiya Savchenko arriving in Ukraine! (video)

(UPD) Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko who has been in custody in Russia since July 2014 till today is arriving in Kyiv; the presidential aircraft has landed in Borispil Airport.

Nadiya Savchenko has quickly talked to reporters. She thanked everyone who supported her, the speech was very emotional. The pilot even asked the crowd of journalists to step back saying she spent two years in a one-man cell and became disaccustomed to people:

“I am free. I want to apologize to all the mothers whose children did not return from the war while I am alive. I want to apologize to all the mothers, their children who are in jail while I am free. I will do my best to have them freed. I thank you for your fight for me and everyone. If people did not raise their voices, politicians would remain silent. And thank you who were indifferent. I have survived in your despite.”

Nadiya also expressed readiness to resume serving in the Ukrainian army and fight against the enemy.

Then a presidential car has taken her to the Presidential Administration, where the official briefing is to be held.

Nadiya’s mother and sister are waiting for her arrival:

Detained Ukrainian servicewoman Nadiya Savchenko is on board a plane returning to Ukraine from Russia, Reuters reports with reference to a source close to a deal to swap the pilot for two Russians held by Kiev said on Wednesday. 

“They are coming back,” the source said, confirming that Savchenko was on the plane.

On Wednesday Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko sent the presidential aircraft to Rostov-on-Don airport, where the pilot was waiting, several sources with knowledge of the situation told Ukrainian news agency Interfax.

The presidential aircraft was allegedly carrying Russian GRU officers Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov seized in the Ukrainian territory in 2015. The exchange was to take place at the Rostov-on-Don airport, the source said.

“Russian law enforcement officials escorting Savchenko are already in Rostov-on-Don. Based on a bilateral agreement, Ukrainian authorities will hand over the two Russians detained in Ukraine at the same place,” another source said.

Meanwhile, Russian media report that neither authorities nor lawyers are aware of Savchenko’s release.

belsat.eu, via Reuters, Interfax-Ukraine

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