Live: Russian talk show host picks fight with Ukrainian man over Donbas conflict

Andrei Norkin, an anchorman at the Russian state-run television NTV, has started a fight with Ukrainian lawyer Dmitry Suvorov during the live talk show Gathering Place.

In the course of discussing the conflict in Donbas, German politician Andreas Maurer, who pushes for the legalization of Russia’s annexation of Crimea. said that the Ukrainian army killed children there. Dmitry Suvorov, a citizen of Ukraine, demanded photoproofs of it and called him ‘rascal’.

Then Norkin came to the guest from Ukraine and grabbed him by shoulder shoulder – a fight broke out. A video of the quarrel has been posted on the comany’s official Youtube channel.

In September 2017, the host of the Gathering Place kicked a Ukrainian political scientist who called Russia ‘thug state’ out of the TV studio.

As reported earlier, in one of the episodes of the TV program Gathering Place hosts Olga Belova and Andrei Norkin mocked at Belarusian president Alyaksandr Lukashenka for his willingness to improve relations with the EU. Ms Belova repeated several times that Lukashenka acted as a ‘whore wife’. She also added that his behaviour bore a strong resemblance to that of a lady belonged to ‘the oldest profession in the world’.

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