Lithuanian politicians call on EU to impose sanctions against government of Belarus

The appeal was signed by representatives of the Seimas of Lithuania and the European Parliament, DELFI reports.

Lithuanian politicians urge the European Union to impose sanctions against the government of Belarus. The appeal was signed by chairpersons of the Seimas of Lithuania on European and Foreign Affairs Gediminas Kirkilas and Juozas Bernatonis, leader of the opposition Gediminas Landsbergis, leader of the liberals Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen and several other members of the Seimas, as well as representatives of the European Parliament.

The letter talks about the need to impose sanctions against the Belarusian authorities, responsible for the current repression.

“It is important to immediately demonstrate a clear position of the entire European Union, as the actions of the authoritarian brutal regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenka must not be tolerated.Therefore, we call for the renewal of sanctions against the regime and those responsible for repression against the people of Belarus, which are detrimental to the democratic nature of elections, interfere with democratic processes and political competition, including participation in electoral fraud, which is a violation of principles and values in the heart of the EU,” DELFI quotes the letter.

Earlier, Rada of the BPR called on the West to impose sanctions against the Belarusian government. The same statements were received from other European politicians.