List of all taxpayers to be drafted in search of freeloaders

The freeloading tax will be paid by foreigners living but not working in Belarus and not paid by Belarusians working legally in Russia.

“More than 165 thousand foreigners and stateless persons who have a residence permit currently live in Belarus. According to preliminary estimates the Interior Ministry, about 10 thousand foreigners can be obliged to pay the public expenditure fee,” said the head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alyaksei Byahun during the online conference organized by BelTA.


Alyaksei Byahun also noted that the Ministry of Interior, together with the Foundation for Social Welfare, are the primary sources for personal data of citizens who will have to compensate for government spending.

List of all taxpayers will be created to find freeloaders, said Deputy Labour and Social Protection Ministry Valer Kovalkou. The list will be created by the Ministry of Taxes together with other government agencies. The data will then be sent to the local authorities and to the tax office. And these authorities will send “freeloaders” a message urging them to pay the tax.

According to the Decree #3, Belarusians absent from the country for more than 183 days are exempt from the tax. The absence in this case needs to be documented.

“If a person is working legally in Russia, there will be no problems,” explained the Head of the Department for Taxation of Individuals at the Ministry of Taxes and Duties Mikhail Rasolka.

At the same time, officials did not comment on what to do if there is no documentary evidence of his stay in Russia.

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