Belarus authorities seize elderly opposition activist’s garden house


Fined by Belarusian court for her participation in protest actions, an elderly opposition activist has to pay BYN 7,500 (appr. $3,800).

As Nina Bahinskaya, 68, refused to settle the ‘debt’ to the state, the court seized household appliances at her home and then – a garden house and land property. The pensioner does not give up and calls the authorities’ actions illegal.

On May 17, an auction for the sale of the woman’s property will take place in town of  Smolevichi (Sovetskaya street, 128a / 2) in Minsk district.

Minsk Regional Center of Investments and Privatization has estimated Ms Bahinskaya’s garden house at BYN 10,000 rubles. It is noteworthy that the state takes a part of her monthly pension to cover for court fines.

Nina Bahinskaya has been in Belarus’ opposition movement since the late 1980s. Now, in spite of being persecuted, she keeps taking part in peaceful protests in Minsk, during which she always hoists a white-red-white national flag.

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