Leaked video: OMON officer shocked at sight of Lukashenka’s youngest son carrying arms

On Wednesday, By_Pol, the campaign created by opposition-minded people who earlier belonged to uniformed services, has made public a video allegedly recorded with one of the cameras that OMON officers carry around during protest rallies.

This is not the first footage to have been exposed by the initiative. Today’s leak was filmed on August 23, when Alyaksandr Lukashenka and his youngest son came closer to the cordon of troops guarding the Independence Palace, one of Lukashenka’s numerous residences. The video features OMON officers making fun of the politician and using his code names Vostok (East) and Pervyi (First).

They definitely got stunned at the sight of 15-year-old Mikalai having an assault rifle and being dressed in military gear; their comment contained obscenities: “F***, he armed the son to to the teeth!”

On that day, state-run news agency BełTA published a video of Lukashenka’s flight over downtown Minsk, where New Belarus March was taking place. One can heard him saying: ‘They have scattered away like rats!’ A bit later, he was reported to address the pro-govt troop near the Independence Palace: “Guys, thank you! You rock, men! We’ll deal with them soon!” In turn, the officers and soldiers promised to defend him ‘to the end’. Notably, Lukashenka, who was holding a AK, was accompanied by the uniformed and armed teenager son.

Apparently, the then president has a quick remembrance of the day when the demonstrators approached his palace. As he recalled later, he jumped into the helicopter to get more information about the situation.

“When I was boarding the helicopter, the damn Americans saw everything from space and immediately gave a signal to their centre near Warsaw. As soon as the presidential helicopter took off, the demonstrators ran away,” he said.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka regularly refers to some mysterious centre in Poland, where he says only Americans serve and which is tasked with destabilising the situation in Belarus.

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