Latest Belarusian anti-tank robot to be shown at Minsk parade

The robotic self-propelled anti-tank missile system, developed by the company “BSVT – new technologies” is called “Bogomol” (mantid) after a predatory insect. A crawler drone can search, virtually noiselessly, and then destroy enemy tanks, armored cars and even low-flying helicopters 24/7.

The machine will be presented in two versions – with anti-tank guided missiles or with an aircraft four-barrel machine gun 7,62, the State Military Industrial Committee reports.

“Bogomol” has a hybrid power unit — a diesel engine and an electric generator. The latter allows the drone to move fairly quietly for a long time, while remaining “cold” in the thermal range.

The total weight of the machine loaded with weapons and fuel is 800 kg. I t can travel 100 km on a single fuel tank.

The AI used in the computer of the drone allows it to independently recognize enemy equipment, and then send information to the operator, who remains in a safe position.

The operator can then decide to destroy the enemy. At the same time, the operator can support communication with the machine through a flying quadrocopter, which allows the serviceman to be at a distance of up to 10 km from the combat complex operation zone.

The maximum range of the weapons installed on the ground drone is 4 km.

“The machine consists of almost 60% of domestic components,” the website of the State Military-Industrial Committee reports.

Alyaksandr Helahayeu,

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