Last year’s Belarusian exports ‘down’ by quarter

The volume of Belarusian exports last year amounted to less than $27 billion.

This is 26% less compared to 2014. The imports fell about the same amount.

Exports to Russia amounted to $10.3 million – 32% less than the year before. The EU exports fell by only 20% to about $8.6 billion, National Statistical Committee reports.

At the same time, the foreign debt of Belarus approached the threshold of economic security. On January 1, it was 22.7% ($12.4 billion) of the GDP, the Ministry of Finance announced on its website. The threshold is 25%.


At the moment Belarusian authorities are negotiating getting two loans – $2 billion from the Eurasian stabilization fund and $3 billion from the International Monetary Fund., National Statistics Committee of Belarus

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