Lamb flambe, cucumber cookies, Krambambula: Tasting Belarusian nobilility’s meals in Minsk


Belarusians can boast of both a simple and hearty contry-style cuisine and the finest culinary traditions of nobility (szlachta). For the first time Minsk has hosted a tasting of food which wealthy Belarusians used to savour in the XIXth century.

12 dishes were offered to those who attended the event held in a nobleman’s house. The guests of Ynot cafe stood the chance to taste hot soft sbiten (drink with honey and spices ), rye and honey gingerbreads, cucumber cookies and ‘noble’ sweets without… sugar.


Alena Mikulchyk, a historian of gastronomy and expert in Belarusian cuisine, told the attendants the story of each meal.


As far as traditional alcoholic beverages are concerned, mead, Krambambula, juniper and horseradish liqueur were popular with the Belarusian nobility. Grand ladies ofted opted for chose pamerantsauka – a strong drink made with the usage of orange peel.

Lamb flambe, one of the main courses, was really hot.


Pastry cups with whipped cream, blueberries yes cranbery and orange syrup were served for dessert.

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