Kurapaty defender chains himself to truck (live stream)

One of the participants of the “watch” at the Kurapaty memorial construction site, Syarhei Palcheuski, lay under the wheels of the truck and handcuffed himself to the bumper.

(UPD) Three hours later, masked men in the uniform of the Emergency Ministry came, cut the handcuffs and attempted to take him into their bus. The protesters prevented them from detaining Palcheuski.

Live feed from Kurapaty by Zmitser Dashkevich

‘I will lie here, until I die,” said Syarhei Palcheuski.

Syarhei Palcheuski

The man said that he understood that he had taken a radical step, but saw no other way to stop the construction.

The activist lay down on wet and cold ground wearin a raincoat, but he agreed to a rubber mat put underneath, “Radio Svaboda” reports. Palcheuski refused other assistance from those present, even warm tea.

The workers are standing near, Palcheuski’s act raised a smile. One of them insulted the activist saying that “if necessary, he would start the car”.

belsat.eu, Svaboda.org

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