‘Life of president is hard’. Lukashenka’s youngest son grants first-ever interview

State-controlled TV station Belarus 1 has aired fragments of interview Mikalai (Kolya) Lukashenka gave to Yevgeny Grishin, a 11-year emerging journalist from Russia’s Vladivostok.

According to the channel, Yevgeny always wanted to make a news story about Belarus and his dream came true (Belarus 1 journalists failed to go into detail about making all the atrrangements). During his stay in our country, the 11-year-old guest from Russia visited the Christmas tree at the Palace of the Republic, played hockey with president Alyaksandr Lukashenka. Kolya took the young journalist for a ride in an electric vehicle, taught him to ski, showed the president’s farm and treated him to milk.

Among other things, Yevgeny asked Kolya whether he wanted to fill the shoes of his father.

“Many people are curious about it. Frankly speaking, I hardly have such a desire. The president’s life is very hard, I am not sure I am ready ready. Perhaps, I will become a doctor – helping people is good. Or maybe I will opt for a military career. There is yet time to think about it,” Mikalai Lukashenka answered.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s youngest son has two or three hockey drill sessions (he wears No. 1) and four piano lessons per week. Geography is his favorite subject at school. He performs in amateur theatricals and plays the piano in the House of Veterans. Speaking about his travel experience, kolya said he had been deeply impressed by the United States and Ecuador.

The Belarusian leader made his first public appearance with kolya in April 2008, when the latter was 3.5 years old. Since then, Mikalai regularly accompanied his father during foreign visits and official meetings. But it should be noted that in 2016 Kolya tried to remain out of public view. He was not present even during the celebration of Independence Day. Earlier Kolya, dressed in military uniform, used to review military parades together with his commander-in-chief father. After going off media radar, however, Lukashenka’s youngest son helped his father cast vote on September 11, the day of the parliamentary election to the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of Belarus’ parliament.