Kobryn police looking for spaceship

A warship from an online game “Dark Orbit” was stolen from a boy in Kobryn. The victim claimed the material damage amounted to more than 5 million rubles.

The municipal website of Kobryn wrote that on January 12, the Kobryn police department received a report from a 31-year-old unemployed resident of Kobryn.

According to the unfortunate player, on January 5, someone hacked into his mailbox. In a statement, the man asked to check the password for hacking and investigate the theft of his virtual warship from the game “Dark Orbit.”

Based on the game plot, in the distant future, our planet has undergone many global wars and violent revolutions. Such disasters put the existence of the planet under question. Trying to survive, people are beginning to develop new colonies in the universe.

Each player begins his journey as a rookie, who is issued a spacecraft. In it the hero has to cover the vast expanses of the universe. In the game there are at least ten full-scale spacecraft configurations, with each one being adjusted individually.

It is the first case of this kind in Kobryn, but not the first in Belarus. So, Two years ago, a resident of Pruzhany had a tank stolen from the game “World of Tanks”.

Kobryn police opened a criminal case under article “Illegal access to computer information”. Such actions are punishable by a fine, detention, restriction of freedom or imprisonment for up to two years.

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