Ukraine turned into ‘forsaken backyard’ – Putin’s administration chief

Sergei Ivanov, the chief of Russia’s presidential staff, has made a number of distasteful remarks on the economic situation in Ukraine

“If the authorities in Kiev do care about the future of their state, they should do something serious about what is really happening. Once an agrarian-industrial country, Ukraine is being turned into a forsaken backyard – will you excuse me for saying so – a second-rate farm growing agricultural produce with very slim chances of ever finding a buyer who would agree to have it,” the official told pro-Kremlin news agency TASS.

According to Ivanov, Ukraine’s another role is that of an ‘exporter of cheap labor’ to other countries.

It is the Ukrainian state that has been primarily hit due to breaking off relations with the Russian military and industrial complex, Ivanov believes.

The head of Putin’s administration added that the relations with Kyiv ‘dropped below the ground level’. At the same the top official stresses that this was not the fault of Russia.

In his opinion, a ‘political settlement’ is needed to solve the crisis in Ukraine.

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