King of lipo and fake breasts: Son of Lukashenka’s chief of staff makes career in Moscow

The Belarusian newspaper Vitsebsk Courier has tried to puzzle out how Uladzimir Kosinets Jr., a son of the presidential chief of staff, made a fortune.

“Why don’t women read an interesting story about a handsome and successful man on their holiday?”  the author wonders.

Uladzimir Kosinets Jr. graduated from the Vitebsk State Medical University. In 2009 he defended his PhD thesis (‘Correction of bioenergetic processes in muscular tissue of the small intestine in case of purulent peritonitis). At his time, Kosinets Sr. was working on the similar subject. Later, Uladzimir studied in Russia, where he presented his second thesis at the First Moscow State Medical University.

According to the newspaper, Uladzimir Kosinets Jr. works in Vitsebsk, Minsk and Moscow. The son of Lukashenka’s chief of staff specializes in lipoplasty and breast-enlarging surgery.

The prices for medical procedures are indicated on Kosinets’ website. For example, a customer will pay Br 20 mln (appr. $900)  at the least for a breast surgery. The price set does not include the cost of implants and compression garments. A person willing to increase her buttocks should be ready to drop the same amount of money. The price for a lipo reaches Br 7-8 mln.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”130924″ img_size=”large”][vc_column_text], following