‘Kicking and jumping on us’. Kurapaty defenders report police abuse

Zmitser Kazakevich, phot. bchd.info

Zmitser Kazakevich, a Belarusian Christian Democracy parliamentary candidate, revealed the details of his detention in Kurapaty, a Stalin-era mass executions site near Minsk, on November, 3.

According to Kazakevich, he was going to enter the territory of the notorious restaurant Let’s Go and Eat to distribute leaflets and talk with would-be voters. The guards failed to let the activists in; a bit later, two policemen appeared at the scene and a gray van drove up.

“Ununiformed people stepped out of it; they threw us into this van. On the way from the restaurant to Baraulyany police department they were kicking and jumping on us,” said Kazakevich.

Young Front leader Dzyanis Urbanovich, his brother Maksim Urbanovich, activists Valery Rabtsau, Ilaryion Trusau and Vital Tryhubau were detained.

Последствия вчерашнего избиения 'тихарями'. Ждем сегодня судов над ребятами. На меня составили протоколы по 17.1 мелкое…

Opublikowany przez Зьміцер Казакевіч Niedziela, 3 listopada 2019

The policemen made protocols under Article 17.1 (disorderly conduct) and 23.4 (disobedience to police) of the Administrative Code upon the detainees. Zmitser Kazakevich refused to admit any fault, because police officers ‘had not given any explainations and just grabbed the activists’.

After being battered, Dzyanis Urbanovich was taken to the hospital; minor Ilaryion Trusau was put in the hands of his parents. The rest of the activists were left in the police station.

When reached by Belsat, Kazakevich said that he was feeling unwell: “After yesterday’s kicks I have aches and pains all over.” The attackers ‘should be punished and brought to justice’, he believes.

The detainees might stand trial on Monday at 14.00, he added.

Belarus authorities vs victims’ memory: Attack on Kurapaty crosses continues

Since May 2018, the group of Belarusian activists has been protesting against ‘dancing on the bones’, i.e.the activity of Let’s Go And Eat restaurant in the vicinity of the mass grave in Kurapaty forest – under the passive eye of the local authorities. According to the protesters, its construction and opening at the very place was illegal. Activists first asked the authorities to interfere with the situation, and then decided to act independently. They are trying not to let cars to the territory of the restaurant. The Minsk police have already drawn dozens of protocols against activists who had blocked the restaurant that opened at the site of the massacre.

In memory of executed by Stalinists: Rally on All Souls’ Day in Kurapaty (photos)


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