KGB prepares for war, its chief said

On December 17, the head of the State Security Committee Ivan Tsertsel addressed the workers and the management of the Hrodna-Azot enterprise. Nasha Niva received an audio recording of the meeting and published excerpts from the KGB chairman’s speech.

The KGB chairman said that Poland was allegedly allocating money to undermine student collectives and workers. ” “Money will be allocated for strikes, we know through whom it will go,” he said.

Ivan Tsertsel said that he does not rule out a “hot war” in the spring of 2021:

“We are preparing for spring, we know how the situation will develop, we will act tough. Fair, but tough. We will prepare for a hot war, we do not exclude such an option under the guise of a humanitarian mission. This difficult period will last 1.5-2 years”.

Ivan Tsertsel admitted that the authorities are losing the battle for the information space:

“Yes, we are losing the information space. Unfortunately, young people mostly watch the Internet. Young people are guided only by catchy headlines. We were even preparing for a foreign intervention disguised by humanitarian goals. We are preparing now. In the future, everything will be fine. Now it is expected that in March-April everything will be bad in the economy. They are waiting and bringing it closer themselves because of the sanctions.”