KGB detains Deputy Minister of Health


Ігар Ласіцкі. Фота:

The media have learned about the new names of arrested medical officials. Among them are Deputy Minister of Health Ihar Lasitsky and Director of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics Alyaksandr Byaletsky.

Ihar Lasitsky became Deputy Minister in March 2013, was considered a protege of ex-minister Vasil Zharko. Lasitsky exercised general guidance and control over the construction, reconstruction and development of the material and technical base of the healthcare industry. He supervised the turnover of medical products in Belarus and licensing, he was the chairman of the special commissions of the Healthcare Ministry and Belmedtechnika.

Uladzimir Byaletsky, M.D., professor, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Uladzimir Byaletski (left)and chair of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences Presidium Uladzimir Husakou. Photo –

On June 25, Valer Vakulchik disclosed some details of a large-scale operation to reveal the corruption scheme associated with the purchase of medical equipment. The case involves more than 50 people, including 33 officials. Among those arrested are Alyaksandr Stalyarou, director of the Center for Expertise and Testing in Health Care, Alyaksandr Sharak, director of the Belmedtechnika enterprise, Andrei Stryzhak, head of the Health Department of the Hrodna Oblast Executive Committee, and Alyaksei Yeskau, head of the military medical department of the Defense Ministry. During the search in the garage of Sharak, the police found a stash with more than $ 620,000.

According to Vakulchyk, bribes reached $ 350 thousand at a time. The illegally received money was transferred to the accounts of companies in Hong Kong, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and South Africa.

“It has been established that the cost of both medicines and equipment was overestimated by 10-60%, in some cases by 100%,” said the chairman of the KGB.,

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