KGB chasing corrupt doctors

Hundreds of thousands of dollars and euros, and hundreds of liters of expensive alcohol have been found in the basement of officials. The KGB has been working on the big corruption case, telling the public about the doctors who stole and how much there was. More than 60 officials were detained. Among them the Chief Doctor of the Vitsebsk regional hospital Anatol Aladka. But so far, the ex-Minister of Healthcare, and now the Deputy Prime Minister Vasil Zharko, remains at large.

Another hype video from the KGB: hundreds of thousands of dollars of criminal origin found in the garages of doctors. According to the KGB, the chief crime were bribes between medical institutions and commercial structures in public procurement. Already more than 60 people have been detained, and 22 businessmen and officials are still at large as a result of “repentance” and compensation for damage. For experts on corruption, this result is the death of intrigue.

“In order to put in jail people at the level of Zharko, Lukashenka’s personal sanction is needed, and then we are talking about complete reformatting of spheres of influence. And if we are talking about people who are now being detained, this is the 20th circle. These people were appointed, like Zharko. This is more of a signal to the system than an attempt to change the system,” said economist Uladzimir Kavalkin.

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