Kastus Zhukouski fined again. This time for school closing story

The video used in the case of “Belsat” journalist

Freelance journalist from Homiel has received another fine.

On November 2, the Homiel region court announced its decision to fine Kastus Zhukouski for “work without accreditation.” The case of a video story production about schools closed in the Kaplichy village was heard by the district judge Sevastsyanava.

Kastus Zhukouski was not present at the meeting. In the commentary to Belsat.eu, journalist said:

“The power in the country does not belong to the people, and the existing laws do not work. I am persecuted, because I adhere to the Constitution, which guarantees the collection and dissemination of information. The number of court hearings and protocols in relation to me and the people I work with has already reached about 100 (over 5 years). It is targeted persecution for my application of civil rights and not being silent. I work where there is a human disaster, and violation of the law by public servants marks my work as excellent! The gang has ruled to such an extent that journalists give more profit than large companies!”


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