Kastus Zhukouski fined again, this time 1,150 rubles


Kastus has been fined 50 basic units by the judge Tamara Zastaunetskaya for video stories on “Belsat” about the deaths of pigs at Homiel region farms.

“The two protocols were combined into one case. It is a focused pressure on me, an attempt to stop me from working. It all started after I had, in my opinion, touched upon the financial interests of the KGB — illegal immigration and the “protection” of stalls near the ‘Homiel’ department store. After this I had a protocol or a court hearing almost every day. Belarusian journalism has seen nothing like this before,” said the journalist.

Zhukouski did not appear in court.

On August 8, when the reporter went to the Zyalionyia Luki village pig farm to check the information about the pigs, Kastus was attacked by a pig farm worker and sprayed with unknown substance.

Kastus spent the night after the attack in the toxicological department of the emergency hospital. While he was there, he was sentenced to 35 base units of fine.

Kastus Zhukouski is a leader in terms of fines. Over the past 3 years, they amounted to more than two dozen protocols, this year – 10. The total amount of fines he was given has amounted to thousands of dollars (8,855 rubles). This year, the journalist has been deprived of a driving license for a year. In protest, he sewed his mouth.


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