ISS Cosmonaut Aleh Navitsky uses Instagram in orbit

Belarus born Aleh Navitsky is a member of the crew of the International Space Station. On his page in Instagram he promised that he would send photos and videos directly from the orbit!


Рассвет на орбите…

Фото опубликовано Oleg Novitskiy (@novitskiy_iss)

In the first photos that appeared in the photo blog you can see Aleh working, having joint dinner at the ISS, celebrating the Old New Year, and talking with the family. By the way, Aleh has two children.

Вот так я в течение всей экспедиции по выходным общаюсь со своей семьёй.

Фото опубликовано Oleg Novitskiy (@novitskiy_iss)

Aleh’s Instagram account already has 8 thousand followers. Mr Navitsky has published 10 posts.


The Internet appeared in the ISS in 2010, but it was very slow for several years. Now the maximum speed of the Internet connection at the ISS via a separate dedicated communications NASA satellite can reach up to 300 Mbit/s.

What is the ISS?

The International Space Station is manned orbital satellite, which is located at an altitude of 354 kilometers above the Earth and carries out a complete revolution around the planet every 90 minutes. As a result, every day the ISS crew witnesses 16 sunsets and sunrises.

Aleh Navitsky was born on October 12, 1971 in the town of Cherven, Minsk region. In 1988 he graduated from high school number 2 in Cherven and entered the Barysahlebsk Higher Military Aviation School named after Chkalov, he then continued his studies in Yeisk Higher Military Aviation School named after Komarov. In 1994 he graduated from the Kachin Military Aviation School named after Myasnikov in “Command tactical fighter aircraft”.

Mr Navitsky made his first space flight from 23 October 2012 to 16 March 2013 as part of the ISS-33/34 as commander of spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-06M” and a flight engineer of the ISS-33/34., Instagram

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