Election over? Football fans arrested for scarves with ‘Pahonya’ to be tried in court

Photo By.tribuna.com

The fans who came to the match of the Belarus national team wearing a scarf with ‘Pahonya’ (Pursuit), spent the night in a police department in the Belarusian town of Barysau.

The Pahonya, an ancient emblem, is closely associated with anti-Lukashenka opposition. There have been many cases of the police’s persecution of activists wearing T-shirts or scarves wirh Pahonya.

Police arrested five people. Among them were Zmitser Hvedaruk from Minsk, Vital Butsko, Yury (no surname available).

“In police car. Arrested at a football game for a scarf with Pahonya. But we shall overcome,” said the Instagram photo published by opposition activist Zmitser Hvedaruk.

Protocols were drawn up on detainees for disobeying the police. The young men are facing administrative arrest.

Other fans from the fan zone left the stand in protest.

Yesterday’s game Belarus – Macedonia (0: 0) was attended by 1,545 spectators. This is an anti-record of attendance of matches of the Belarusian national team. Even in this case, a visit to the stadium could end up with problems for the few spectators. Fans of some football clubs – for example, the Minsk “Dynama” – are boycotting the games because of prejudiced attitude of the police in the stadiums.

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