Kalinkavichy authorities detain blogger who exposed abuse of power


Vital Manko

Blogger Vital Manko, a resident of Kalinkavichy and former businessman, has been detained by the local police on Monday.

The policemen also attempted to get into the house where his wife and four kids were hiding.

Vital might have been taken to the police station, our correspondent says. The reason for detention is not reported.

Vital Manko is a popular videoblogger who shows the actual state of things and economic situation in Kalinkavichy.

He is really supported by the locals – for six months of his channel’s existence nearly 2,000 people have subscribed to it. In turn, Viktar Zamostsik, deputy chairman of Kalinkavichy district executive committee, blasts Manko for ‘bias’.

The blogger has recently received anonymous threatening phone calls.


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