Belarusian residents of Kaliningrad region departing over mandatory Russian language exam

Residents of Belarusian descent are leaving Kaliningrad region because they do not want to take a Russian language exam, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

In accordance with Russian law, from now on foreigners seeking Russian citizenship or residence permit have to pass tests.

The Belarusians residing in the Kaliningrad region, are protesting against such testing because it takes extra time and money. Moreover, Russian has the status of the state language in Belarus.

“The bill that introduced mandatory exams has come as a surprise to us. In my opinion, this legislative regulation has not been deliberately fashioned. It might not have been approved by the Standing Committee of the Union State that should discuss all regulations affecting the interests of citizens of Russia and Belarus,”Vasil Harbatsenka, a representative of the Embassy of Belarus, says.

A lot of Belarusians who had to battle through mounds of red tape, decided to return home, he adds.

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