Kadyrov’s daughter opens erotic shop in Grozny

In addition to lacy underwear, the ‘Lady A’ store sells intimate accessories.

The 18-year-old Aishat Kadyrova advertises shop through a closed Instagram, which already has about 20 thousand subscribers.

According to the BBC, in addition to erotic lingerie, the “multi-brand lingerie boutique” sells “massage cream, which allows you to taste your partner”,”whips, masks and other accessories”.

Several popular Chechen bloggers wrote about the opening of ‘Lady A’, which took place in late November.

For Aishat Kadyrova the boutique is not her first business. She runs the Islamic fashion house ‘Firdaws’ and keeps her own pastry shop in a Grozny shopping center — the new store opened next to the candy shop.

In 2011 Kadyrov stated that women who did not adhere to the canons of Islamic clothing “will go to hell”. Many times, the media reported about the attacks of ‘morality guardians’ on ‘improperly dressed’ women in Chechnya.


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