Just the start: 460K Belarusian citizens join initiative to protect votes

As of Monday afternoon, 460,000 citizens have registered on the online platform Golos (Vote).

Last week, the Fair People initiative, as well representatives of the united headquarters of alternative candidates (Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Veranika Tsapkala, Maryia Kalesnikava), announced the launch of the website which is designed to protect the people’s votes in the upcoming election.

Belarusians are invited to send a photo of their ballot paper. All ballots are then to be processed, which will make an unofficial counting of votes possible .

Golos came online on July 23; anyone can avail of the opportunity to protect their vote via a chatbot in Telegram or Viber.

“On the election day, take a photo of the ballot [with the name of your choice] and send it to the botchat with (this can be done even after August 9). The system will calculate the voting returns for each polling station. They will be published after the official election results,” the statement reads.

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