Journalists detained on September 1 transferred to remand center

The administrative cases of the six journalists detained on September 1 have been returned to the police for revision, but the people were not released, the BAJ reports.

On September 1, during student protests in Minsk, journalists Alyaksei Sudnikau and Nadzeya Kalinina, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus correspondents Svyataslau Zorki, Mikita Nedaverkau and Maryia Elyashevich, and BelaPAN journalist Andrey Shchaulyuha were detained. A protocol on art. 23.34 of the Administrative Code (“participation in an unauthorized mass event”) was filed on them and they were left for the night in a local police department. Several dozen journalists (mostly from, as a sign of solidarity, spent the night and the whole day in front of the police department.

The journalists were detained at student rallies while fulfilling their professional duties, they were marked with blue vests with the words “Press” (in capital letters) on their backs. However, the police claimed that the reporters allegedly called on students to protest and “even coordinated the actions of the crowd.”

The trial of the journalists began only in the afternoon of September 2, the cases were considered remotely via Skype. The court returned all administrative cases to the police for revision. However, the journalists were not released. They were taken to the detention center in Akrestsina Street. The reporters will be tried again.