Journalist Zhukousky again summoned to court for collaborating with Belsat

Independent journalist has been summoned to the Zhlobin District Court on Wednesday, February 24 at 14:30. He is, as usual, being charged with “illegal manufacture of media – working without accreditation for the TV channel Belsat.”

According to the journalist, he will be tried for two cases at once. This follows from the protocol that the journalist received from the Zhlobin police station last week.

Zhlobin police is not happy about the two reportages about the region, aired on Belsat – about a dying village and economic problems of the industrial giant – Belarusian Steel Works.

Also Zhukousky had a similar protocol under article 22.9 of the Administrative Code drawn up by the police department of Vetka against him about a video describing the economic problems at a textile factory and creamery.

Kanstantsin Zhukousky is a record holder in getting penalties for working without accreditation. In February, the freelancer was already punished: Court of Buda-Kashalyova district fined him 40 basic units – 8 million 400 thousand rubles… In the district center, at the request of local residents, the journalist was filming a video about the problems at the creamery, whose employees who were sent on vacation at their own expense.

On January 20, the Korma district court sentenced Zhukousky to a fine of 30 basic units (6,300,000 rubles).

On January 14, Kalinkavichy district court fined Zhukousky 35 basic units (7,350,000 rubles) for violation of Article 22.9 of the Administrative Code.,

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