Journalist Zhukouski on trial in Kalinkavichy


His work was shown by Belsat. The trial was to be held on January 14.

The freelance journalist is accused of illegal manufacture and distribution of media products.

The basis for legal action was the TV story about the beating of a young man from Zhitkavichy by football fans from Kalinkavichy. It was aired on TV channel Belsat.

In total, at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016, Zhukouski was summoned to three police stations – in Kalinkavichy, Korma and Vetka. In all the cases, the police spoke about drafting a protocol.
Since November 2015, Zhukouski has been registered as individual entrepreneur engaged in the creation of informational materials, including video. Belarusian legislation and international agreements that Belarus has signed guarantee citizens the right to gather and disseminate information. Accreditation of the Foreign Ministry is not required, as Zhukouski is not a staff member of Belsat.

Last year Zhukouski became a “champion” among freelance journalist sentenced to fines – they amounted to Br 31,5 million. On the basis of the police protocols, the district courts fined him six times for alleged illicit manufacture of products of mass media without accreditation for the TV channel Belsat.

According to the latest data Zhukouski may have been tried without his presence. Still, he received another SMS urging him to come to Korma.

On 13 January, the same article was used by the court to fine another journalist from Homiel — Larysa Shchyrakova 22 basic units (Br 4 million 620 thousand),

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