Journalist Nadzeya Puzhynskaya arrested for 14 days

Where and when the journalist was tried is unknown.

Nadzeya Puzhynskaya from “Silnyie Novosti” (Powerful News) was sentenced to 14 days of arrest. None of the close relatives of the Homiel portal journalist could get to the meeting, reports TUT.BY.

On October 3, the editor-in-chief of Powerful News, Hanna Yakshtas, and her husband Dzyanis, who also works for the newspaper, were detained in Homiel.

Nadzeya Puzhynskaya with Dzyanis’s family took the parcel to the detention center.

As the owner of the portal, Pyotr Kuznetsou, said, Nadzeya disappeared, and later wrote that she was in the Savetski police department. Later it was reported that the journalist was detained for allegedly violating the procedure for organizing or holding mass events. However, what exactly the girl was accused of is unclear.

She faced trial on October 6. Nadzeya’s mother told journalists about it.

Hanna Yakshtas was given a 20 basic fine. She has minor children, and she cannot be arrested. Dzyanis Yakshtas received 15 days of arrest.