IT company Synesis, which is now under EU sanctions, is connected with Lukashenka

The journalists of Euroradio have conducted an extensive investigation, which exposes the connection between Synesis and Aleksin and Sheiman.

Few people know, but apart from the Shevrau brothers and Pyotr Sinitsyn, Synesis is owned by Ina Aleksina (0.06%) and Energo-Oil-Invest (24.99%).

The company Energa-Oil-Invest, in turn, is owned by Ina and Alyaksei Aleksin, the notorious owner of “Tabakerka”, who is close with Lukashenka. The IT company Synesis, which fell under EU sanctions, is associated with Lukashenka.

A diagram of the Aleksin family’s ties with Synesis and the Presidential Administration. Source:

Synesis has several subsidiaries. One of them is Synesis Stigma LLC, created specifically to work on a system for monitoring international transit traffic. The company has developed its own platform for electronic sealing of trucks and monitoring the status and location of transit cargo.

Ptitsyn and the Shatrou brothers together own a 25% stake in Synesis Stigma. The remaining 75% belongs to the Belneftegaz, which is owned by Alyaksei and Ina Aleksin.

Since 2021 Alyaksei Aleksin has been one of the largest suppliers of petroleum products to Europe. After the arrest of Yury Chyzh, he secretly took his place.

The owners of the company Synesis Stigma LLC. Source:

Another Synesis project is the development of a software package for the instant online lottery BelBet. In February 2020, a separate company was created to support the project — Synesis Lato LLC. The company is owned by Mikalai Ptitsyn and Alyaksandr Shatrou.

BelBet is a project of the national operator “Belarusian Lotteries”, which is owned by the Presidential Administration headed by Viktar Sheiman.


Since December 18, Synesis has been under the third package of EU sanctions. The company intends to appeal this decision.