Israel to keep embassy in Minsk

Belarus will probably keep its embassy in Tel-Aviv open.

In a press statement, The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that it received an official document from Israel on the abolition of the previous Israeli government decision to close the embassy.

The intention to close the embassy in Minsk was announced by Israel last year, the official reason was money savings. The decision came into force on 6 January 2016. In response to it, announced its intention to close the embassy in Israel.

On March 16, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided not to close the embassy.

“According to conventional diplomatic practice, the Israeli Foreign Ministry sent an official note to the Belarusian side stating that the Israeli Embassy in Minsk will remain open and continue to operate in normal mode,” informs the Belarusian body.

In its note, Israel emphasizes “the importance that Israel attaches to the presence of its diplomatic mission in Minsk based on a strong relationship between Israel and Belarus.”

Last year, a visa-free movement of tourists and guests coming for a period of up to three months became active between Belarus and Israel.

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