Israel arrests repatriate from Belarus who wanted to join Islamic State

The Israeli police suspect 39-year-old Valentin Mozolevsky of an attempt to contact Daesh terrorist on social networks.

The man was arrested on February, 7. In early March, the prosecutor’s office filed charges against him to the court.

According to investigators, Mozolevski wrote in telegram’s group ‘Caliphate’ (it includes Russian-speaking IS supporters) that he would to join the Islamic State. Mozolevsky was advised to go to Turkey and then to Syria, where he was to meet a Daesh representative. The man was buying a ticket to Turkey in the presence of his acquaintances.

Valentin Mozolevsky is known to have moved to Israel under the repatriation program in 1996. He lived in the north of Israel. Interestingly, in 2000, when the man was serving in the IDF, he married a Muslim woman and converted to Islam. The couple have five children.

ISIS hybrid airforce (English subtitles)

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