Internet access limited in Belarus, number of sites blocked

Residents of the capital report the low Internet speed. A number of services are down and some websites cannot be reached.

Polling station #21 . Minsk, 9 August 2020. Photo : ТК /

In the morning, the independent monitoring site became unavailable. It looks like the IP of the webpage has been blocked. The creators of the platform offer users to write reports of electoral law violations via Telegram-bot @zubr_assist_bot.

Other users report low speed of file uploads to Telegram without proxy services. Websites such as YouTube, Google, VPN services work poorly. Moreover, not only mobile Internet users but also Beltelecom broadband users have problem with Internet access. Reports of Internet interruptions come from all regions of Belarus.

Observers believe that the Internet in Belarus can be turned off altogether.

“I think so, most likely it will be done temporarily and in a targeted way (but we cannot be 100% sure). And it will be harder to block the Internet in Belarus than in China, but easier than in Russia,” Mikhail Klimarau, Executive Director of the non-profit organization Internet Protection Society, told

If the Internet is completely turned off in Belarus, the news can be watched on Belsat. Our TV channel is accessible via the Astra 4A satellite (formerly Sirius 4).

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