Interior Ministry provocateur uncovered by Belsat journalist

The Ministry of the Interior has reported that the operatives detained a person who was funding the street protests — at least one of the coordinators. As evidence the police published a video comment of the criminal scheme participant. But this special operation looks like a fake, and a badly made one at that.

In Minsk, police detained one of the coordinators of illegal street rallies, said subordinates of Yury Karayeu on Saturday. Apparently, a 34-year-old Minsker was recruiting street protesters. To prove it, the press service of the Interior Ministry published the testimony of this man, allegedly already recruited right in the store, who allegedly gave up the sources of funding.

As evidence of participation in the rallies, the police published this video, where a man in a sports suit approached people with white, red and white flags and talked to them about something.

“Here’s 60 rubles for you, here’s a crowd… You could find a shot,” you can hear in the video.

In addition to the words about drug addicts, the former convict says that the Belarusian riot police do not beat anyone in the colony.

“I say, I wasn’t arrested, I was in the colony… There was no riot police in Vaukavysk”.

According to the press service of the Interior Ministry, the operatives prevented the meeting of the conspirators, scheduled for August 19. Now they are checking information. But this version is easily refuted.

This man was noticed at the rallies by both participants and journalists. He was asking people what they were doing there, then went to the police and went back to people again. As you can see, there are the same tracksuit and tattoos on his hands.

MIA provocateur. Screenshot of

It was on the evening of August 20th that this man asked to be allowed to speak on air on Independence Square. That is, the day after his arrest.

“The protest is expressed in the fact that I just got out of prison, where I was on my own business,” he said on the air of Belsat.

But a journalist of Belsat, Katsyaryna Andreyeva, immediately felt he was a police provocateur with a criminal past, and gave the floor to others people. So today’s publication of Yury Karayeu’s subordinates is an obvious and low-quality fake.

Yaraslau Stseshyk/