Interior Ministry about Belarusian fighter in Ukraine: Hancharou was the first to be arrested

The details of the arrest of Stanislau Hancharou, a Belarusian volunteer who fought for Ukraine, have been disclosed to the press.

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The newspaper Sovetskaya Byelorussia, a mouthpiece of president Lukashenka’s administration, has published an article devoted to the 20 year-old resident of the Belarusian city of Vitsebsk, who was a soldier of Ukraine’s battalion ‘Azov’. According to Belarusian law enforcers, Hancharou was  number one on the list of fighters who are to be arrested if they return to Belarus.

“The international alert system informing of appearing such persons on the border worked well, we also had the assistance of the Ukrainian side. Law enforcement officers doo keep control over such scoundrels’ movements. Not a single normal country wants geek militants to be at large and threaten [other people] coming home broken down, with arms and criminal intent,” the officials of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption told the newspaper.

As reported earlier, the man is accused of hooliganism. In October 2013, the attacker forced two 13-year-olds to renounce anti-fascist movement and demonstrate the Nazi salute, which was filmed and posted on the Internet.

Now the Directorate is seeking to open a case under Article 130 of the Belarusian Criminal Code (stirring up national or religious hatred) against Mr Hancharou.

The Belarusian law enforcement agencies opened 135 criminal cases against citizens of Belarus who fought or are fighting in Donbas. President Lukashenka repeatedly said that Belarus had no plaxe for ‘militants’ who are participating in the coflict in Ukraine.

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