Interior Minister Karayeu warns police about ‘significant psychological and physical stress’

The Interior Minister Yury Karayeu has appealed to police about the August 9 presidential election in the country.

A video recording of the appeal has been published in the TG channels of journalist Artsyom Harbatsevich and NEXTA.

In his appeal, Yury Karayeu has noted that “for more than a quarter of a century we have been living in a dynamically developing stable state”. Now the country will hold presidential elections, which will be “a serious test of the entire system of law enforcement agencies”.

“We’ll need exceptional self-organisation, high personal discipline and stamina,” Karayeu said. “Significant psychological and physical stress is ahead of us. We are now witnessing the active provocative activities of some citizens on the Internet and in the streets of cities. On the one hand, the purpose of artificial creation of information challenges is to form a negative attitude to the police and government agencies in society as a whole. On the other hand, the desire to sow uncertainty and unwillingness in the minds of the officers to carry out their duty to protect public order and fight crime,” Karayeu said.

Karayeu also urged police officers not to give in to provocations and assured his subordinates that “the MIA’s active position and existing legislation allow it to protect the honour and dignity of each of you”.