Interior Minister in hot water over controversial statement

Although it may seem difficult to believe in, the officials asked Mahiliou based Roma for forgiveness. Not the policemen that committed the pogrom in the Roma settlements throughout the country, but officials. On a personal assignment from Lukashenka, the head of its Administration, Natallya Kachanava, met with representatives of the Roma diaspora, who shared their impressions of the meeting in a commentary to our television channel.

In the meantime, while there was an apology that came from Lukashenka’s Administration, albeit with a delay, the reaction of the police was completely different. The Interior Minister Ihar Shunevich once again came under scrutiny of journalists due to his recent statements:

“The Minister has no reason to apologize to… gypsies. Is it clear?”

Paradoxically, employees of the department headed by this man force citizens apologize to the policeman’s monument, initiate criminal cases against the offenders of the sculpture, and at the same time Minister of Internal Affairs Shunevich believes that there is no reason whatsoever to apologize for the cruel raid and beatings of the Roma.

According to the retired police Lieutenant General Miachyslau Hryb, the police should have apologized and needn’t have used the force when detaining the Roma in the first place.

Vital Babin,

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