Information Ministry set to deprive TUT.BY of mass media status

On October 8, the Economic Court of Minsk will consider the claim of the Ministry of Information on the termination of the publishing status of TUT.BY. The lawsuit was based on four warnings from the Ministry of Information to the portal received by TUT.BY this year.

If the court takes the side of the Ministry of Information, TUT.BY may lose its status as a mass media. The portal will be able to continue working as an Internet resource without a media status. This status enables journalists to legally be present in areas of armed conflict or emergency situations, at public events, in places of other important public events and transmit information from there.

The court session will take place on October 8 at the Economic Court of Minsk.

Since August of this year, the Ministry of Information has issued four warnings to the outlet. To deprive the portal of the media outlet status, even three warnings within a year are enough.