Infamous Russian MP urges Lukashenka to make ‘historic step’ towards unified state

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, phot. TASS

Notorious Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky has called for uniting Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

“Alyaksandr Lukashenka can make a historic step. It is high time to reunite Russia and Belarus as one unified state. What for should one start only with customs or tariffs. Belarus will flourish when we become one state again,” the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia believes.

According to him, the single ruble will stronger than the euro, because it is ‘backed by tremendous resources’.

Zhirinovsky might recognise the Belarusians’ and Ukrainians’ rights to speak their native languages and preserve national newspapers, theatres, schools, but at the same he states that ‘it is more convenient to use a common language [in the unified state]’. In his opinion, there should not be much attention paid to different nationalities, people just need to be ‘citizens of one country’.

The deputy is widely thought to be acting as the Kremlin’s unofficial voice. He won his vicious reputation for a number of controversial statements and deeds. For example, he advanced the ideas of the partition of Ukraine and bombing Kyiv from the rostrum of the State Duma and on state-run TV channels.

In August 2014 Zhirinovsky put forward the initiative to change the current national anthem for ‘God Save the Tsar’ and replaced the Russian tricolor by the imperial flag. Furthermore, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s took a new position – that of ‘The Supreme Ruler’.

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