Independent rates Minsk world top city to visit this year

Ялінка на Кастрычніцкай плошчы Менску выглядае штогод больш густоўна. Фота

Arguing their choice, The Independent notes that it will be Minsk that will host the European Game this June. Other reasons to go to the Belarusian capital, for those who are planning travel, are a 30-day visa-free regime, as well as the atmosphere of the old town with its cafés and bars.

The Independent promises that Minsk would surprise you by its cleanliness, safety and friendliness. However, you should not expect that everyone here understands English, the newspaper warns.

Besides Minsk, the newspaper recommends visiting Rotterdam (Netherlands), Sitges (Spain), Arles (France), Sarajevo (Bosnia), Rome (Italy), Disneyland Paris, Belgrade (Serbia), Venice (Italy), Bristol (UK).

Менск стаў сталічным горадам 100 гадоў таму, TUT.BY

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