Independent media preparing a coup, state journalist says

Talking on air of the program Editor’s Club on Belarus-1, Chairman of BTRC Ivan Eismont and editor-in-chief of SB – Belarus Today Dzmitry Zhuk have criticized non-state media.

“Let’s not mince words: in my opinion, some of rather popular mass media has openly gone on anti-state tracks. Probably, they are revolutionary rails. They’re not just covering events, they’re providing assistance,” said Eismont.

“Ivan Mikhailovich, no revolutions. They are preparing a coup,” said Dzmitry Zhuk.

The head of the Mir TV company Uladzimir Pyartsou said that the activities of some media have nothing to do with journalism. According to him, streaming street protests is “subversive and destructive work that coordinates protests”.

On July 23, Alyaksandr Lukashenka ordered to expel foreign media from the country. “One shouldn’t wait for any end of the election campaign. Get them out of here if they do not comply with our laws and call people to Maidan,” said the head of state.