Inauthentic Groundhog Day: Russian MP urges not to borrow feasts from West

Russian MP Ivan Nikitchuk has called for a boycott of Groundhog Day which is celebrated in the USA and Canada on February, 2.

“They are crazy [about Groundhog Day] in the West. And what of it? We are Russians, why should we parrot them?! We do have too many foreign holidays – Halloweens, Valentines, Santa Clauses and Groundhougs. They are flowers of one and the same garden. They want to hammer these things into our consciousness,” Nikitchuk, a deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on natural resources, environmental management and ecology, says.

The deputy suggested the alternative of celebrating Russian traditional feasts, e.g. Day of Fedot on March 15, when underground springs allegedly reach a boiling point and break surface, which would mark a thaw., following

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