Imports of Russian petroleum products in Belarus decrease by 100 times

One of the more common carriages seen on the Trans-Siberian line, a Yukos oil tanker

According to estimates of the National Statistical Committee, in January 2019, Belarus imported only 3.6 thousand tons of oil products from Russia. Last year, more than 350 thousand tons were imported the same period.

The reason for this fall was the new balance of mutual deliveries of oil and oil products, which do not provide for the supply of gasoline, diesel fuel and fuel oil. Earlier, Moscow repeatedly accused Minsk of re-exporting Russian oil products. As a result, the Kremlin decided to stop supplying oil products to our country.

Imports of Russian oil in January amounted to 1.55 million tons, which is 0.5% lower than last year. At the same time, the value of imports decreased to $ 529 million (89% of the January 2018 cost).

The volume of Belarusian petroleum products’ exports decreased significantly, by 13.8% to 1 million tons. At the same time, in monetary terms, supply volumes decreased by 14.9% — to 482.4 million US dollars. The main consumers of the Belarusian oil refining products are the UK, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

The volume of Belarusian oil exports remained at the same level — 138 thousand tons, but the volume of proceeds from export, by contrast, declined by 13.4%, to 58.13 million US dollars.

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