If opposition fails to resist, Belarus will have another Lukashenka – Statkevich


The only mechanism that the nation can use to have an impact on those in power is taking part in street protests, ex-presidential candidate and former political prisoner Mikalai Statkevich said.

Talking to Belsat TV journalist Paval Mazheyka, the politician noted that the Belarusian opposition should reach out to the people during the parliamentary election campaign in 2016.

“In any case, we are preparing for the elections. We need a platform that would set us apart from the authorities and show that what we seek is a European platform. We demand that the authorities should make amendments to the electoral code. If the authorities accpept it, we will go to the polls and be working for victory. If the authorities do not agree to it, we will go to the polls, be working for victory and getting ready for Ploshcha [post-electoral protests],” Statkevich said.

According to him, Ploshcha will be the only way to preserve the dignity of the opposition and show tthat someone is really struggling.

When the society sees [the opposition’s] inaction, there are no hpe that someone will head the protests, Statkevich stressed. That is why it is crucial street actions should be held in Belarus again, he said.

There might be another dictator, the politician warns. “At least, Lukashenka is a stubborn puppet; another puppet may be loyal [to Russia]. We will lose everything if we are not able to resist,” he added.

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