‘I am terribly ashamed’. Minsk resident appears as Ukrainian in fake news story

Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov has exposed another fake in recent news about Ukraine aired on Russia’s state-run Channel 1. Minsk resident Vital Yurchanka (Vitaly Yurchenko) appeared as former Euromaidan protester Kiril Chubenko from the city of Kryvyi Rih.

When reached by Belsat, Yurchanka confirmed the information and told us about the notorious news item.

“I worked as an analyst in a company that is engaged in filming, they outsource cameramen all over the world. When the company receives an order, they act as coordinators. And they got the offer to find a person or family in Kryvyi Rih who complained of the lack of heating and as well as a cameraman who would film their story. The hired cameraman performed the task and sent the footage to our producers. But it turned out that the material was unfit for broadcast due to its bad sound quality,” Vital Yurchanka told Belsat.eu.

According to him, the company managers decided to film a similar story in someone’s flat and sell it to the commissioner, a Russian TV station, without going into detail.

And I was asked to do it [play a Ukrainian citizen], I was a new employee at that moment. I cannot explain it, but I agreed, although the whole situation does not correspond to my principles; for some reason I did not refuse. I do not know how to explain it, but I did it,the man said.

When the news story was aired, some viewers recognised Vital and let popular blogger Varlamov know about the Belarusian’s pretending to be a resident of Kryvyi Rih.

“I started to get threats, people blasted me for what I had done. And in fact, I deserve it. I feel shabby about it. I did not have any right to appear in that story. I am terribly ashamed; perhaps, it is not so bad that the lid has been off. I was very worried and hoped that and the story would be forgotten and no one would pay attention and remember it. But since it has come to light, now I can give my explanation,” he said.

Vital Yurchanka claims that the Russian side was not aware of his employer’s actions.


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